Company can be a good thing

Was quite depressed on from Monday…  Couldn’t work out why until I remembered a friend’s situation… Anniversary of her younger child’s passing… Awful business.  I’ve messaged her, but not had a response… Hope she’s having a proper pamper day today… Even though Valentine’s day has become a Hallmark holiday, a reason for shitty quality chocolate, mediocre booze, naff soft toys, etc to be wildly overpriced … Continue reading Company can be a good thing

I feel pretty… Sort of

Birthday do tomorrow… Have picked up everything save for jumpsuit.. Tried shoes on last night for a couple of hours… As long as I don’t sashay too enthusiastically, keep away from stairs, and limit myself to a couple of spritzers, I’ll be fine… Will bring a pair of flats just in case… And take a cab to the venue. Heard about a rock-bottom priced site … Continue reading I feel pretty… Sort of

Last week: 241 lbs. This week: 237 lbs.

Wednesday. 6th February. I’ve lost 4lbs.  Would have been more, but was hungry enough to down a burger and chips plus popcorn on Tuesday evening. Have another pound to lose before I hit my pre Xmas weight. Rain pissed me off enough to not make it to the gym in the wee hours. Not beating myself up about it… slight cough.  Wet hair.  Best not … Continue reading Last week: 241 lbs. This week: 237 lbs.